Art Mould's Precast Chair is a versatile Stackable Chair with a single clip that fits mesh to 20M bar. It is made with composite material for strength, corrosion resistance and durability, while the design allows for concrete flow, and eliminating the risk of voids. Its pointy legs result in minimal contact and exposure on the panel surface.

Stackable chair - data 

Size Available 1’’ - 4’’ every 1/4’’ (all sizes stackable)
Rebar Size 
Wire mesh - 20M bar (all in the same clip)
ColourConcrete Grey 
Reinforced, high-impact polypropylene
Chemical ResistancyExcellent

In heavy - duty UV protected poly bags
Quantity varies by size


Clip on to mesh and up to 20M rebar
Stackable to create any size 
Can straddle bottom steel bars 
Spacing depends on loads