Art Mould Plastics manufactures several more products for the concrete industry including Plastic Form Spreaders and Plastic Fixing Blocks for use in poured materials.


Art Mould’s Rebar Safety Products provide the protection workers need at construction and pre-cast sites. Protect your employees from exposed rebar with standard all plastic Rebar Safety Caps, Steel Reinforced OSHA Compliant Anti Impalement Safety Caps and Safety Strips. 

Art Mould's Clip on Circular Chairs, commonly known as "WAGON WHEELS" are versatile chairs and ideal for vertical bar supports in walls, beams or columns. Wagon Wheels simply snap on to vertical bars, keeping forms and tubes a constant distance from steel. Made from solid Polyethylene and packaged in UV protected poly bags for convenience of carrying around job sites.

Art Mould's Rebar Support Chairs are used in slabs for supporting all types of reinforcing steel. Excellent for supporting rebar in bridge deck construction, or where-ever a corrosion free support is required.  The high sizes have an arch design for straddling lower mats of rebar.  The chair is made of High Impact material and its design gives it the strength of steel.  Art Mould's Individual Chairs are strong yet light in weight and packaged in UV protected poly bags for convenience of carrying around job sites.

Art Mould manufactures a complete line of Beam Bolsters and Slab Bolsters.  Our Heavy Duty Beam Bolsters are reinforced with plastic coated steel and our all plastic Slab Bolsters can be clipped together to create any length.  Manufactured in various heights with corrugations spaced 1" on centre to serve as guides for bar spacing with an arch design to maximize strength between legs.  Packaged in boxes or pre-snapped together and strapped.


"supporting the reinforcing concrete industry since 1966"

Art Mould Plastics has supported the reinforcing concrete industry since its beginning in 1966 with our broad line of rebar supports.  We have what is needed for buildings, bridges, roads, parking garages or whatever you are constructing.  Our rebar supports include, plastic individual chairs, continuous plastic bolsters, continuous high chairs, circular chairs for walls and columns as well as chairs for the precast industry.  Whether you are working with cast in place, precast or tilt up, we have a full line-up of products to suit your needs.  We pride ourselves in designing solutions for the reinforcing concrete industry.  Art Mould Plastics can also supply custom products that will support any difficult rebar situations encountered in todays ever changing world.